Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Ashley St Rubbish Dieters off to a flying start

15 Households on Ashley Street are slimming their bins together! The Rubbish diet challenge, Spring 2013 has got off to a flying start with 15 households on Ashley St, Cherry Orchard, working together to slim their bins. Jackie Jones and Naomi Hutchings began the bin slimming process before Christmas and were so surprised at how effective it was, that they decided to get ask their neighbours to join them. Jackie Jones said “We can’t believe how many of our neighbours have joined in – we thought it might just be a couple of other houses. It is proving to be really popular and we take it in turns to host meetings each fortnight to eat cake and exchange weights.” Naomi added “We have decided to share lifts to the bring banks and the household recycling centre – so each fortnight, one family collects all the cardboard, tetrapaks, electrical items etc from the street and takes them for recycling – so we are saving 14 journeys very 2 weeks as well helping people without a car to recycle more.” The results after the first 2 weeks were astounding with most families reducing their waste by one third and one family reducing their waste by a massive 20kg! Whether it’s a space issue and you can’t get everything in your bin, your wheelie bin smells because of rotting food or you just can’t stand our throw away lifestyle – the rubbish diet challenge will solve all your waste problems. It’s very simple to do: you start by weighing your rubbish the day before bin day – so that you have a starting point and then you weigh it for the next 4 bin days. Each slimmer is given a starter pack with a step by step guide to how to slim your bin. This is full of top tips for reducing your waste and avoiding difficult materials. The great thing about doing the Rubbish Diet Challenge is - it really works! The results are dramatic and the support you get from other local dieters is great. To find out more about the Rubbish Diet please email Alison Thomas on or call 07972 858313. Alison said “I would love to hear from you if you fancy taking the Rubbish Diet challenge to see how much waste you can lose, we are hoping individuals, streets, schools, clubs or businesses will take up the Rubbish Diet challenge this Spring. The Rubbish Diet is a finalist in the NESTA Waste Reduction competition and we are looking for 100 households to take part in a trial with us in April. I will come and talk you through the process and connect you to other people in your area and support you through the 8 week process.”

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