Thursday, 21 March 2013

Terracycle tackling hard to recycle materials

This week I have come across - they run recycling Brigades for hard to recycle materials. For example, biscuit wrappers, pens, coffee packaging and Johnson's baby wipe packaging. A school, an organisation or an individual signs up to become a recycling location for a particular material and starts collecting.

Terracycle then sends out a Freepost label for the collector to send the materials to them. The materials are then upcycled or recycled into new and useful things!

AND Terracycle send the collector redeemable points. Brilliant isn't it?

I have come across 3 schemes this week: the United Reform Church in Abbey foregate are collecting biscuit wrappers - any non savoury biscuit wrapper - for example, digestive packet, penguins, gold bars, rocky bars etc - all this packaging can go to the URC and will be sent off for recycling.

The other schemes I have heard about collect pens that have run out. If you know of any other Brigades in Shropshire or Telford and Wrekin - please let me know. Thanks.

I have just heard that my application to set up a collection point in Meole Brace school has been confirmed so we will start after Easter - 1200 students and staff are bound to throw away a few pens I guess. So This Easter - how about going through those drawers and collecting all those broken pens, dried up felt pens, highlighters and markers - and bring them down to Meole Brace.

I would love to know about any other collection schemes going on in your area so that I can tell all the rubbish dieters - we are always looking for solutions to problem wastes. Bye for now ali 07972 858313

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