Friday, 8 February 2013

The Rubbish Diet is taken up by a street in Shrewsbury

The Rubbish diet has been taken to a new level this week with a street deciding to take on the rubbish diet challenge. 10 households on Ashley Street in Shrewsbury are planning to slim their bins together. The big weigh-in is next Wednesday the day before bin day. Then they will spend the next 8 weeks trying to produce less and less rubbish by following the Rubbish Diet. This process really works and helps you to get to grips with what you can and can't recycle, it helps you save money because you get really good at not wasting food. On average each household reduces waste by 50%. Slimming bins together is great fun - it is fascinating to find out how little rubbish we need to produce. The bin doesn't smell anymore because the foodwaste has gone, the wheelie bin is never more than half full so no need to panic when you are lying in bed and hear the bin lorry coming down the street!! Now the families in Ashley street are not just doing the rubbish diet - they have also set up a rota to share trips to the HRC or bring banks for all the cardboard, tetrapak, batteries and rags which don't get picked up by the council. So under their new regime, each family will only have to make the trip once every 10 weeks now - so they are saving time and money and the planet! by recycling together! If you think your household, your street or your friends might like to take up the rubbish diet challenge or would just like some bags to collect cardboard and tetrapak please give me a shout on 07972 858313 or - we have a new diet starting at the beginning of April 2013.

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