Saturday, 2 February 2013

Should food go down the sink?

I have been thinking a lot about food waste this week and which is the best way to treat it.Obviously we all agree that the best thing is not to produce any in the first place! And we re doing pretty well at that since the rubbish diet started here in Shropshire!!! I am not talking about how to treat the packet of ham that's gone off or the half a loaf of bread that nobody got round to eating or chicken bones. I am thinking about the plate scraps - such as peas and gravy, the odd bit of meat or dessert the rest of the cereal bowl. What is the best way to deal with these things? Ok - I have learned this week that quite a lot of UK sewers take sewage to anaerobic digestion plants where stuff gets broken down and energy is produced instead of methane being released to the atmosphere. Then I heard about these Food Waste Disposers which are designed to macerate food as it goes down the sink - which is an alternative to collecting food waste from households - as it gets transported to the AD plant via the sewer - neat eh? So I was thinking if your waste water and sewage is going to an AD plant why not just mash up any waste food and wash it down the plug hole? The risk is blocking the pipes but as long as the food is mashed up into really small pieces it seems to me to be a better to wash waste food down the sewer than to put it in your refuse where it will end up making your bin smell, then go to landfill releasing methane to the atmosphere. So am I right - is it ok to mash up food waste and stick it down the drain? If it is ok - then I can put my dog on a diet too!

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