Tuesday, 30 October 2012

What to do with ripped clothes and socks beyond repair

James Thompson at Shropshire Council has answered my query about whether you can put unusable textiles in the BCR textile banks at the Household Recycling Centre. James checked with the contractor and they assured him that they recycle everything that cannot be sold or used. James has suggested that they state this clearly on their banks - to stop people throwing textiles in landfill. Textile banks provision has been sub-contracted to midlands firm BCR Global who have installed containers at around 80 public sites including all of the main Council recycling centres Watch this short film to see how the textiles get sorted for re-use in developing countries or recycling into industrial rags http://www.bcrglobal.com/videos.html?play=full_dvd They obviously prefer to get as much of the good quality wearable garments which have more resale value but they can accept torn, ripped, broken and worn out do recycle the lower grade stuff, virtually nothing goes to landfill. So it's also a good outlet for lower grade textiles, linen, towels etc. I've checked with the contractor and the specification has not altered - it's still as per this list on our website. I have asked Veolia to make sure their staff are briefed and containers are clearly labeled etc. http://www.shropshire.gov.uk/waste.nsf/open/9FB272EC5FF31FD7802570D9003A2C00 On the same note - I noticed that the OXFAM textile banks at Sainsburys do state that all textiles that can't be sold will be recycled. Do you know of any other outlets for unuseable textiles? Bye for now Ali 07972858313

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