Friday, 26 October 2012

Rubbish Diet Launch in Shropshire a great success!

Fantastic to see 27 people at the launch of the Rubbish Diet Shropshire last night and I have had messages from at least 5 other people who also want to join us!

Karen Cannard creator of the Rubbish Diet Blog inspired us with her tales of her experience of slimming her bin to just one plaster by taking the Rubbish diet challenge back in 2008.

So we have a great group of willing volunteers - So what do we need to do now?

1. Well the first thing we are going to do is  BASELINE our bin - work out when your next refuse collection is - this is your start date for the Rubbish diet. Before then, try and weigh what goes into your bin. I  have put my bathroom scales next to my kitchen bin and am weighing each bag on the way into the wheelie. If you do this for a week and double it to get your average fortnightly weight.

2. Next step - is get organised to make recycling easier

3. Are we recycling everything we can?

4. Then we can get going!!

In our first week we will be looking at what goes in and identifying those difficult items

In the mean time - I will be looking for practical solutions for unusable textiles, black plastic trays and film

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