Thursday, 9 May 2013

How much food goes in your bin?

So here we are in week 3 of the rubbish diet - this week we are looking at food waste and how to avoid it!

No-one deliberately wastes food but it is so easy to do!

Karen Cannard - the creator of the Rubbish Diet sent over this link from love food hate waste campaign.... "Re food, it's also worth remembering that even up to its Use By date, certain food can still be frozen. Here's a great link that you might like to share around your community:"

I think I just need a 30 hour day - then I would be really organised! The chickens next door are enjoying my attempts at getting rid of food waste and the dog is getting fat! This has got to stop - no more food waste from now on!
My biggest and best discovery is the bokashi bin - a little caddy into which you put all your food waste even bones. You add some bokashi bran and in 2 weeks the fermented contents are safe to put in your compost bin or dig straight into your garden.

Here at the Rubbish diet we have some bokashi bins to give away to rubbish dieters to help you keep your bin weight down. If you would like a set to have a go - just drop me a line at

Just seen this from love food hate waste for things to do with soft tomatoes:


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