Friday, 3 May 2013

Cat Litter - is litter in more ways than one!

In my day job I often find myself faced with a pile of somebody else's rubbish to sort into categories - it's called residual waste research.

Now, we start the day in good spirits with lots of banter to keep the mood light and the work swift. However as the day wears on my mood generally dips a little and I  have been known to rant a little!!

About what you ask - what could possibly make you cross when you are sorting through rubbish!! Well, in my case, the thing that tends to set me off is the endless bags of heavy, inert and totally non-biodegradable cat litter that we find in the rubbish.

Most people are extremely considerate and wrap up the used litter in a plastic bag so it is not particularly offensive to deal with but boy, is it heavy!! In some waste sorts that we do, cat litter makes up 30% of the weight of rubbish. So 30% of the cost of landfill is because of cat litter!!

Now cat litter is a double edged sword - people who use cat litter can be seen as responsible cat owners who don't let their cat poo all over someone else's garden. But the resultant waste is incredibly heavy and therefore costs a lot of council tax to dispose of it in landfill.

So is there a solution? How can cat owners continue to be responsible pet owners but at the same time not produce incredibly heavy bins? I asked a few questions on twitter and this is what came back....

There are a number of cat litter products on the market that are biodegradable and compostable

Fed & Watered @FedAndWatered  reckon that Cats' Best is the best product - flushable, compostable and economical
Fed & Watered                              

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