Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Woodfield Road, the latest street to take up the Rubbish Diet Challenge!!

Never ceases to amaze me!!

Over the Easter break I got my kids to post a little leaflet about the Rubbish diet challenge through my neighbours doors. I offered cake and a chat about rubbish! Low and behold 5 people turned up last night - all live on my street, but do you know what  - I hadn't even seen them never mind talked to them. So even before we get into the benefits of taking the rubbish diet together - I already know 5 more of my neighbours!

I decided to ask people on my street to do the Rubbish diet with me having seen the great things that have happened in Ashley St - where 22 households are slimming their bins together and sharing journeys to the Household Recycling centre for cardboard, tetrapak and electrical items.

It's bin day today so the bin slimmers of Woodfield Road have thrown themselves straight into the challenge -aiming to reduce the amount of stuff that ends up in their blue bin by recycling more, composting for England, trying to avoid non-recyclable packaging etc.

We have decided to share cardboard recycling as well - so I will put out a sack for cardboard on Sunday and people can wander down the road with their cardboard instead of  driving it to a bring bank.

I love getting to know my neighbours so I am really looking forward to slimming bins with the folk of Woodfield road over the next 8 weeks.

If you think your street would like to meet up and eat cake and talk rubbish - let me know and I will happily come and have a chat and help you set it up. It really works and it's good fun.

Have a look at our lovely new website and sign up for the Rubbish Diet: www.therubbishdiet.org.uk

Alison@therubbishdiet.org.uk or give me a ring on 07972 858313

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