Friday, 12 April 2013

The Rubbish Diet Website goes live!!!


Well after a lot of writing, rewriting, testing and talking - we are proud to announce that the Rubbish diet website is up and running ready for our launch of the Rubbish Diet challenge in Suffolk, Shropshire and Powys next week.

Which county will lose the most? - which county has the most to lose? We will find out over the next 3 months as we attempt to persuade over 200 households to take the rubbish diet challenge.

Whether it's a space thing and you can't get everything in your bin, your bin smells because of rotting food or you just can't stand our throw away lifestyle  - the rubbish diet will help to solve your waste problems.

It is a really straight forward process - all you need to do is sign up on the website and you will receive an introduction to the rubbish diet with step by step instructions of how to slim your bin.

Ali Thomas is your local Bin Doctor - and is really happy to come and have a rubbish chat - drop her a line on or ring 07972 858313 if you and your neighbours want to take the Rubbish Diet together or if you think your school, guide group, church or toddler group might be interested in slimming their bins and saving money at the same time.

Here's to slim bins in Shropshire this Spring!

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