Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Veolia Advent Calendar

Just heard about this ..... Watch your Waste-line this Christmas Check out the Veolia Shropshire Advent Calendar www.veoliashropshireadventcalendar.co.uk "Count down the days until Christmas with our waste and recycling advent calendar. Veolia Environmental Services and Shropshire Council have launched an online waste-themed advent calendar – which is perfect for helping Shropshire residents stay green this Christmas and watch their ‘waste’-lines! Every day throughout December, until Christmas Eve, there will be a new helpful hint about reducing waste this Christmas, or a mind-boggling fact about just how much we use and throw away throughout the festive period." So far so good..... What motivates you? When you hear a shocking fact about waste does it make you want to produce less waste? Maybe, you prefer to be part of the solution - so hearing about how well we are doing as a community gives you that incentive to work even harder at waste reduction? I like to know what difference recycling is making - how much energy we save, how much space in landfill we save and how many raw materials we save I would love to know what motivates you to slim your bin thanks ali

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