Monday, 5 November 2012

Even your odd socks can be recycled!

Just had a nice conversation with lady at Severn Hospice. She says that the Hospice shop on Wyle Cop is very happy to receive rags - just put them in a tied up bag and label them rags so that they don't waste time sifting through them. they sell them to the rag man who recycles all the textiles. You can put clothes in bags in a bank at Red Barn - these clothes are not sorted and are sent lock stock and barrel to eastern Europe. Usable clothes will find a new home - but you can't be sure that unusable items will be recycled. The Salvation Army have a bank at ASDA - check out this link to see what happens to them Better to take rags to OXFAM banks at Sainsburys or bag them up and take them to a charity shop. By the way - I also found a cardboard bank at ASDA! Great for people in Abbey Foregate, Monkmoor and BelleVue


  1. ASDA use the Salvation Army as their preferred charity textile bank provider

    1. Hi Master Composter - thanks for the link to the Salvation Army Textile Recycling site - great to know that the textiles collected in their banks at ASDA are recycled! I was misinformed by the guy emptying the banks the other day - I will amend blog and include the link