Monday, 17 June 2013

Find out what Shropshire Rubbish dieters have been saying...

How much of our waste is actually recyclable?

So here is the challenge - how low can you go if you put your mind to it?

Our amazing Rubbish Dieters in Shropshire have been slimming their bins over the last few weeks to spectacular effect

here are a few quotes:

"I can't believe what a difference taking all the polythene out of my bin makes! Wouldn't it be great if everyone took their polythene to Sainsburys, Morrisons or the Coop"

"I'm loving my Bokashi bin - no more food waste in my bin - and my bin is so much slimmer"

"Doing the Rubbish Diet with my neighbours has been a great way to meet people who live on Ashley Street"

"I asked the council to take away my big wheelie bin - now I have a tiny one because my rubbish has gone down so much I don't need a big one. The little one is easy to move and doesn't take up much space"

If you would like to know more about the Rubbish Diet - give me a shout on 01743 351014 07972 858313 or follow us on twitter @rdshropshire

Sign up to the Rubbish Diet or come to 8 Woodfield Road Monday 17th June at 7.30pm all welcome for cake and a rubbish chat

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